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Wine and Weight Loss

Today’s post is from Laura McCann. You may have seen Laura while enjoying one your meals in the Palmetto Point Dining Hall or at a culinary experience in the Culinary Arts Center. Laura is Hilton Head Health’s dining room manager and wine expert.

So you have done the hard work here at H3; Adam Martin and the rest of the fitness staff have put you through your paces and given you new workout techniques. Bob Wright has opened your eyes and enlightened you and given you new tools to handle your eating patterns. Chef Jen Welper and her crack staff of chefs have taught you that eating healthy can be delicious. Now you are headed home – home to face….. A bottle of wine!!!!!!
We know that “resolve dissolves with alcohol;” so how do you manage the real world? Should you give up a beautiful glass of wine with dinner? Will you ever have a glass of wine again? Of course you will, the question is how will you manage it? With a few tricks from a restaurant insider and a little focus you can have your wine and drink it too.
KNOW YOUR WINE PERSON – Find a local shop you like, frequent them often, let them know what you like to drink: sweet, tart, red, white, inexpensive, or a splurge. A good wine salesperson will send you into new and exciting directions; ones you didn’t even know existed.

PLAN- you are already planning out your menu for the week why not plan out what nights you will have some vino. Stop by your local wine merchant they can help you pair your meals with a great wine. And remember you have already spent a lot of time, money and effort, you are worth a good bottle of wine; don’t skimp on yourself!!!

MEASURE – Get a measuring cup; use your measuring cup; learn what 3 oz look like. If you pour 3oz at a time it slows down your drinking. Calories per pour vary depending on the wine but you can’t go wrong with tricking yourself into thinking you’re drinking more than you actually are. Be as thoughtful about what you are drinking as what you are eating. If you take the time to really appreciate what is in your glass, the smell, color, the flavors on your tongue, you will be too busy appreciating the quality to miss the quantity.

GOING OUT – A little secret from a restaurant professional – you can order half a glass of wine!!!!! All you have to do is ask. Restaurants allow it because they can then sell higher end wines at reasonable prices; also, a restaurant would rather have some of your money than none at all. So that means you can have 3oz of white with a salad or during cocktails and 3oz of red with a grilled filet and steamed veggies – it’s the best of both worlds. This also allows you to explore more wines at half the price.
So now what do you drink this summer? Here are some of my recommendations for the summer porch sipping:

  • Rose – no, not wine zin; these wines are crisp, clean, with hints of berry fruits that are evocative of summer.
  • Crisp whites – perfect with seafood and summer’s lighter fare; again, ask for advice from your favorite, local wine merchant they will introduce you to some delicious treats. My top three picks; Altadonna, Grillo, Sicily, crisp and a bit salty; Hughes Bealieu, Picpoul, Langudoc refreshing and delicious; Pierre Boniface, Apremont, Savoy, like sipping on springtime daffodils. Plus, the often lower alcohol content of these wines can mean a lower calorie level.
  • Big Bold Reds – perfect with smokey bbq; a great wine can always help turn the most humble fare into a work of art. My summer favs; Susanna Balbo Malbec, Argentina, big and juicy. Immortal Zinfandel, California, dark and smokey; Bozzanti Chianti, Italy, rustic and uncomplicated.
  • Moscato d’Asti – a dessert wine that is like drinking in a lowcountry evening – all peaches and intoxicating jasmine; a great dessert.

So cheers and enjoy!!!!!

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