• He Greatly deserves his vacation. Hope he enjoys the “Big Island”.

    From Neil Goodman
    February 16, 2012

Where’s Bob?

We’re on the hunt for Bob Wright! Last year we celebrated 30 years with the “Wright Stuff” for Bob Wright’s 30th anniversary with Hilton Head Health. During the celebration, Bob was given a trip to…. well, if we told you that wouldn’t be much fun. Based on the clues and pictures below, let’s see if you can guess where in the world Bob Wright is!? Join in on the fun by posting your guess on the Hilton Head Health Facebook page and stay tuned for a special post from Bob Wright in… you thought I was going to ruin the surprise?

Where in the world is Bob Wright?

  • Pupu Platters are considered a specialty of the area.
  • The highest record temerature is 96° F and the lowest is 54° F.
  • It’s home to the longest city in the world.
  • It’s the former home of one of our H3 Team Members.

    Gorgeous View


Muscle Man!



Don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s post from Bob Wright on location!


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