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What’s Your Milestone?

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For Huntley, it was not only knowing several healthy recipes to prepare at home, but actually being able to cook them for his wife and son. –Huntley Galleher, Cooking Healthy Workshop Participant

For Dale, it was being able to complete a 17 mile bike ride “as if it were just another spin around the parking lot.” –Dale Bornstein, H3 Guest

For Karen, it was gaining better quality sleep and no longer being dependent on her CPAP machine.” –Karen Clark, H3 @ Home Participant

For Bridget, it wasn’t losing 70 pounds, but gaining self confidence and determination. –Bridget Donnelly, H3 Guest

This year we are celebrating milestones here at Hilton Head Health. While we celebrate 35 years of healthy choices, 30 years of education with Bob Wright, and 15 years of ownership under John Schmitz, we couldn’t celebrate our success without honoring yours! Submit your milestone and we will acknowledge you during this year’s Reunion Week (November 13th – 19th). No matter how large or small your milestone, you should be proud of all your hard work and we are too! E-mail Alicea Glover at aglover@hhhealth.com, to share your milestone.

For more information on this year’s Reunion Week, a specialty week dedicated to thanking previous H3 Guests, please call (800) 531-2498.

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