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What H3 Means to Me

After having our staff Christmas party this past week, it got me thinking a little bit about my time here with Hilton Head Health.  Having been a part of this place for 7 years now, it’s more than just a job.  We will start from the obvious… (although, if you’ve been here they are probably all obvious):

  1. It’s a source of income.  When asked if they like their job, many people say, “It’s a source of income.”  While this is of course necessary, it has little to do with why I’m still here today.
  2. It’s a source of inspiration.  When I started as an intern, I was not only inspired by the staff and reputable program, but more so by the Guests of H3.  The motivation and determination demonstrated by our Guests, so many who may have not exercised in years, and the dedication  I witness as they come in each day and work their bodies so hard… it’s unbelievable.  Not only our Guests, but also staff members who take on challenges like running their first race or quitting smoking, are also inspiring to me to reach my personal goals.
  3. It’s a source of knowledge.  As my life changes with growing family, new obstacles, and changes in routine, I have at my fingertips passionate and kind-hearted team members to give advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through every curve ball thrown at me.
  4. It’s a source of opportunity.  Each role I’ve held while at H3 has provided growth and insight to what makes H3 work.  Every department is an essential nut or bolt to allow H3 to help people make lifestyle change—and it’s a privilege to learn and experience that chemistry, and play a part in keeping it going.
  5. It’s where my friends are.  We often hear that work and play just don’t mesh, but it’s a different story at H3.  When you are surrounded by people who have the same belief system that you do, and a passion for sharing it and being the best you can be, it’s hard not to combine work and play0—especially, when work is so much fun!
  6. H3’s my family.  Having moved here fromIndiana, H3 has become my family.  They are the ones who surround me when times get tough and who celebrate with me when exciting things happen—Guests and staff alike.  We’re all human beings and ups and downs are a natural part of life.  What a blessed opportunity to be in an environment where those things are not suppressed or tossed out the window as unimportant, but instead, shared, supported and matured from.

Thank you, H3, for 7 amazing years.  I always joke that you never know what will happen next around here, but I can promise you one thing, I will be sure not to miss it! 

What does H3 mean to you?  Please take a moment to share with us!


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