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Weight Mapping

For some of us it might be hard to think about our weight over time – let alone put numbers and dates on paper, but it’s an exercise worth trying – there’s a good chance for some constructive learning around the information… Try it and see for yourself!

One of 3 types of weight patterns generally covers the majority of us who’ve experienced weight gain:

  • Yo-yo dieting
  • Event related weight gain
  • Progressive weight gain

Try charting your weight over the years then including dates/age and any events you think of that may be associated with a gain or a loss (marriage, career change, new activity, etc.)  Here are some questions you might ask yourself after completing your chart:

  1. What trigger(s) caused my weight to go up?  What behaviors changed?
  2. What trigger(s) caused my weight to go down?  What behaviors changed?
  3. Have I ever been successful at weight maintenance, and if so, for how long?
  4. Is my current Target Weight realistic for me to maintain?

Do you see a pattern? Here are some tips related to your weight pattern:

Yo-yo dieters:

  • Obese individuals should continue trying to control their body weight despite some weight cycling – while it is possible weight cycling may have some health risks, the risks associated with obesity have been proven.
  • Look at what motivated you in the past and see what you can learn about yourself.
  • What was missing from the plan(s) you used before?
  • Why did you stop?
  • Get a Coach to help keep you on track when a relapse is approaching.
  • Be Real with yourself – pick a goal weight that makes sense. 

Progressive weight gain:

  • Explore why you haven’t attempted to change until now.
  • Look for small changes that will make a gradual difference.
  • Acknowledge your strength that you are likely not emotionally connected to food.

Event-related Weight gain

  • Identify the behaviors that gave you success.
  • Lose the guilt, lose the weight.
  • Identify your reactions to stress/emotions and come up with alternatives.
  • Pinpoint potential future events that may present you with some challenges and develop a plan for support.
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