• Being able to participate in so many of the items you list was great. What an honor to be a part of great things like the Woodways, H3@home but especially seeing you use the smart boards!! LOVE IT!

    From Lyle Orr
    December 14, 2011

Top 11 of 11’

In the spirit of season, we are taking time to give thanks for all our blessings. I’d like to take a moment to reflect on some profound moments here at H3 during 2011. Below is a list of our top 11 of 11’. Were you here with us during any of these moments? If so, repost your experience! If you were not here with us, please feel free to post in the comments section your most memorable/reflective moment at H3 during 2011!

1. Bob Wright’s 30th Anniversary Celebration Week and Roast
2. Opening of The Culinary Arts Center
3. H3 Vegetable and Herb Garden (Planted, tended and feeding lots of Guests!)
4. H3 @ Home Coaching (Jeff, Amy, and Linda)
5. New Faces- (Lizette Volz, Amy Kelderhouse and several others!)
6. “Heavy” aired on A&E
7. The start of H3 EI (Extended Intensive Program as program option)
8. New Treadmills (Woodway)
9. New Classes (Yoga Power Flow, Running Technique, The FIRM, Butts and Guts, Gliding, Low Impact Kickboxing, Yoga in the Pool, Bender Ball, H20 Boot camp, Cardio Sculpt and more!)
10. Personal Responsibility Workshop (1st year offering this and what a success!!!)
11. The completion of Calibogie lecture hall (“smart board” and all!)

Bob Wright 30th Anniversay RoastCAC Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Celebration


CAC Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Celebration

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