• Alicea thanks for sharing this article! The yesterday this happened to me. I have found this awesome place to walk. Over by my local Target. I feel comfortable there. It is not to busy and it is a nice safe walking area. My little perfect place, but yesterday. A truck with two teenage kids drove by and yelled Fat Ass! Before it would of made me angry, but instead it made me feel sad. Sad that if they only knew how at 314 pounds. I have busted my “fat” ass self from 339 to a 25 lb loss. I have worked on my emotional eating and changing my old habits. So, if others only knew the real story:) Fighting for health!!! I hope this post will help others understand:)

    From Cynthia
    July 16, 2011

  • Cynthia, thank you for sharing your story. It’s so sad that people feel the need to go out of their way to try to bring others down. I think your success is amazing! Habits are so terribly hard to break and you should not have to endure such harassment. I am only glad that you did not let their words keep you from reaching your goals but used them as fuel to push harder! Good luck in all your endeavors!

    From Alicea
    July 18, 2011

The Need For Change


I read this story of a young man who decided to lose weight after reaching 300 pounds in high school. It wasn’t until he saw pictures of himself while on vacation with his family that he realized that he had let his weight spiral out of control. He decided it was time to start a weight loss routine and was determined to stick with it. This young man felt embarrassed to workout at the gum so he started working out in secret at night.

This story brought up mixed feelings for me. Although I was so proud that he was able to be successful and created a fitness and nutrition plan that worked for him, I was frustrated by his embarrassment to workout in public. I understand that he felt uncomfortable and am not mad at him for feeling that way, but I am disappointed in society for making him feel like this.

With obesity rates steadily increasing, we should not be making those who have committed to adapting a healthy lifestyle feel ashamed, but we should be supporting them and helping them as they ask for it. Simply encouraging one another and providing a helping hand can go a long way. I know that society will not change over night, but one by one, we can each start changing minds by stopping discrimination as we see it happen. In my Community Health class in college, I learned that obese individuals were the most discriminated against individuals in the nation.With so much talk of obesity in the news today, why are we continuing to judge those who are actually taking charge of their health? Many of those with weight loss success stories pay it forward–sharing how and why they decided to make their health a priority and providing inspiration to those going a similar journey.

Everyone has a story to tell and we can all learn from one another, so let’s make sure that we are providing a comfortable environment for everyone to be healthy.

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