TAV: Mushrooms


Mushrooms have always been a funny food to me.  They grow in the yard, the Smurfs live in them, and certain types can kill you (unless your name is Mario or Luigi)!

I know – I know – mushrooms are not really considered a veggie.  But even though they truly belong in the ‘edible fungi’ category – I am still going to highlight them during a Try-A-Veggie post.

However, these little fun-guys (hehe), offer many of the same health benefits as vegetables do. 

Composed mainly of water, they are low in calories and sodium, are fat-free and one Portabella mushroom contains more potassium than a banana does!  They also have no cholesterol and contain anti-oxidants to support a strong immune system.

Mushrooms are available year-round and there are over 38,000 varieties!  Some of the most common types (and the ones that won’t leave you ill) include the button, crimini, shiitake and portabello. 

Check back tomorrow for one of our most popular recipes, Portabello Mushroom Pizza with Balsamic Pesto Sauce. 


Joke – of – the – Day (Because I couldn’t leave a mushroom post without one!)

Q: Why did the mushroom go to the party?

A: Because he was a fungi.

Q: Why did he leave?

A: Because there wasn’t mushroom.

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