• I’m trying to take this to heart! I feel so much better when I look good, but it’s hard to do sometimes. Thanks for the reminder!

    From Rachel Cooper
    January 22, 2013

Slimmer Sunday

In efforts to better prepare your wardrobe for the work week ahead, below are five tips that will help inspire you to dress for success.  Why wouldn’t you embrace looking slimmer- brighter and lighter- essentially great when losing the weight!

#1. Ditch the baggy clothes: Baggy clothing doesn’t hide anything. In fact, oversized clothing often looks sloppy. Clothing that is slightly more fitted will help you look leaner and

#2. Wear dark, solid-colored pants: A pair of solid color pants meaning black, navy, or dark denim with plain, normal sized pockets. Or a black, navy or dark colored skirt, A-line or straight style will help to slenderize your thighs.

#3. Wear your brighter colors on-top: A color complimentary to your skin tone will help draw attention to your face rather than your waist.

#4. Don’t fear the accessories: A wide belt can accent a waist that is getting smaller and it can also help to “pull in” a full top. Necklaces and chains create V-necklines that provide a longer/leaner illusion. Also, embrace and have fun with shoes and scarves. Consider bold colors and animal prints as these will help to add a little sparkle to your “darkle.”

#5. Wear something long over something short: i.e. A long top over a knee-length skirt, or vice versa. This will help to elongate your appearance and make you look
cleaner and leaner.

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