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Sharing Success: Karen P

Now into the second week of September, I am getting more and more excited. Do you know why? Well not only is the third annual Devin’s Dash coming up, but Karen P will be here for our Yoga Retreat.

The beauty of H3@Home is that we have the opportunity to build a deep relationship with our members, one that is everlasting. What’s interesting is that when they come back to attend our day to day program they’ve experienced revelations, hit goals, found results and already discovered how to set themselves up for future success and sustainability.

Check out the bullet points from none other than Karen P herself and discover how H3@Home coaching impacted her lifestyle for the long run…

H3 Coaching Revelations:
• I truly changed my lifestyle and didn’t just “get on a health kick”
• I can be much more consistent then I thought I could be
• I am impacting those around me by the changes I’ve made
• I can’t turn back now…too many people are invested in my progress
• I feel SO much better physically and mentally
• I fall asleep instantly at night
• I make good choices in restaurants and plan ahead when needed
• I have made new friends outside my previous social circle
• I am less of a “homebody”
• I have newfound confidence

“I have only scratched the surface of what I’m capable of…”

H3@Home Coaching Goals Achieved:
• Started planning meals & cooking on Sundays
• Inventoried & restocked the freezer & pantry
• Changed dessert to 1-2 times per week (instead of daily)
• Developed a regular exercise program
• Got more consistent on sleep
• Ate more protein than before I went to H3
• Started eating 5 times a day instead of 3
• Began to workout even while traveling

H3@Home Coaching Results:
• 18 total inches lost since returning from H3
• 28 total pounds lost since returning from H3
• 40 pounds total lost since leaving for H3
• BMI lowered by 3.1 points
• 15% of body weight lost
• Blood pressure lower and in healthy range
• Three 5k runs completed to date with 13 minutes total time improvement

H3@Home Coaching Setup for Future Success:
• Fitbit purchased & utilized daily for calorie burn & logging calories consumed
• Regular walking & Zumba class schedule implemented
• Active.com membership—new race possibilities
• Plenty of equipment/videos/Wii at home
• New coach set up for accountability

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