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    September 15, 2011

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Meet Lisette Volz – Proud New Member of the H3 Team!

Lisette on beachA Lowcountry native, Lisette earned her degrees in Psychology and Social Work from the University of South Carolina while also receiving training in Mind/Body medicine from Harvard Mind/Body Medical Institute.  In addition to individual and group counseling, her diverse experiences in business travel, management and privately owned businesses not only gives Lisette a professional background that relates to many, but also a personal one.  Her life experiences, educational background and clinical training in mind/body medicine and stress reduction counseling all add to her multi-directional approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle. As the newest member of the team, Lisette serves as the new Director of Behavioral Health for Hilton Head Health. Below, read more about Lisette in her own words…

Let me start by saying that I had a fairytale childhood on Hilton Head and I am thrilled to find myself back here after 27 years. What’s even more exciting is that my two girls, Gabrielle & Delany, get to experience the magic of island living now as well. I am constantly surprised at the splendor and beauty of Hilton Head and will forever live in a state of gratitude that I get to live here!

My career path has been an eclectic one to say the least. As a self-proclaimed recovering compulsive overeater, you may be surprised to learn that I worked for Food & Wine Magazine for six years. My job was to create large food and wine events throughout the country. Needless to say, my love of food made me a highly qualified employee. However, that same love of food led me to eventual misery.

Living a healthy lifestyle has helped me attain and maintained a 50 pound weight loss for almost 5 years now. The key to my weight loss and maintenance has been a holistic approach that looks at the problem from a physical, emotional, and spiritual perspective. I have learned to feel my feelings instead of stuffing them with food and listen to my inner dialogue about food. I have an arsenal of tools that help me battle the problem of overeating on a daily basis and I use them frequently and freely.

The thing about recovery is you can’t keep it unless you give it away. That’s my goal as the Director of Behavioral Health at H3. I plan to use my training in Psychology and Social Work from the University of South Carolina and my training in mind/body medicine from the Harvard Mind/Body Medical Institute to help other people find recovery from unhealthy eating behaviors as well as destructive emotional patterns. I look forward to empowering others and the gratitude that will come from witnessing their inevitable success. I’m happy to join the amazing H3 family!

Brief Facts:

• I have two beautiful girls: Gabrielle, age 10 and Delany, age 7.
• I was born in New York and moved to Hilton Head when I was 9. After moving away for a few years, I am happy to be back and to share the island that I grew up on with my girls.
• Little known fact: I used to sing with Greg Russell in Harbor Town as a kid.
• My parents have lived on the island for 37 years. My sister, brother, aunt and grandparents live here as well.
• I had a private practice doing individual and couples counseling.
• I was the Program Director for the Columbia Mind/Body Medical Institute.
• I love playing tennis and playing with my 75 lb mutt named Lucky.
• I love working with people and always have. I will always be in a helping profession.
• My family means everything to me.
• My motto: Progress not Perfection
Lisette with girls

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