• Great visual Alicea…I am one of those guests that enjoyed every single moment of my experience, and am practicing those principles daily. The experience H3 offers truly is the best investment in self one could make. :) p.s. Nice photo of the boys!!

    From Sherri Burdeshaw
    May 22, 2011

  • Alicea,
    Isn’t there at least one former guest who can sing? In fact, I think she was on A&E Heavy!

    From Sally Colocho
    May 22, 2011

  • Sally, that’s a good point! I’m sure we could find someone to create and sing a theme song for us to play in the background!

    From Alicea Glover
    May 23, 2011

  • Sherri, I’m glad you to hear that you had such an amazing experience at H3! Thanks for sharing!

    From Alicea Glover
    May 23, 2011

H3 in 60 seconds

I have to give it up to Weight Watchers, because man are those new Jennifer Hudson commercials inspiring! From the song to her hew look, everything about those commercials makes me want to throw out all the junk in my pantry! As I watch this new series of commercials from Weight Watchers, I can’t help but to think what a Hilton Head Health commercial would look like. How do you capture the essence of Hilton Head Health and the program in 60 seconds?

This is a breakdown of my vision for a Hilton Head Health television commercial: (Please note that I am not in the film industry so go easy on me. :-) )

There’s a panoramic view of the outside entryway to Hilton Head Health, then slowly the camera focuses in on one guest nervously entering Calibogue for the welcome session led by none other than Bob Wright. Bob goes over the basics of the program and then asks this specific guest to introduce himself. The guest then shares where he is from and why he decided to visit H3. Through a series of clips you see the guest meeting other guests from all over the nation, taking in the beauty of the sunrise on the beach with Beth Leermakers, getting some resistance training in the pool with Adam Martin, sweating it out in cardio boxing with Amber Shadwick, learning some low calorie tricks in a cooking demo with Chef Jen Welper, increasing his incline while getting “pumped” in Jeff Ford’s treading class, developing personal goals with Jessica Lynn, and finally enjoying a relaxing message the day before leaving H3.

You then see him doing all the same activities at home. He’s cooking healthy meals, has joined a gym where he can continue to attend some of his favorite cardio classes, and you even see him on a thermal walk during his lunch break with friends from work.

The catch is, that throughout the whole commercial, other than the full body shot shown in the opening scene, you only see the guest’s face as he does all these activities. In the end, you see the new him sharing his testimony in a video found on H3Daily. During the video he talks about the people he met and still keeps in touch with, how he lost not only pounds, but inches, and his sugar and triglyceride levels lowered as well.  It is then revealed that this is the real-life story of an H3 guest. Now I think that’s an inspiring story! Who needs Jennifer Hudson when we’ve got so many encouraging and motivating people right here in our own H3 family?!

How would you describe H3 in 60 seconds?

post-race group shot

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