• Hi Amber…Yes, put me down for a completed 7.5k walk last Saturday. Details are slightly more interesting…the walk was outside and it was a beautiful, sunny day…unfortunately, it is winter here…It was snowing and the temperature was -22 c with the wind chill. The walk took me over 90 minutes, not my best time mind you. It was so cold my sunglasses glazed over and my ipod froze 25 mins into the walk and I had to keep it in my glove to warm up and start working again. Three layers of clothing…however we had a successful completion. Three quarters through, when I was cold I just thought back to the H3 thermal walks…one never got cold on those walks, especially in July/August.

    When I think back to last year at this time, Feb 2011, the “old Trev” would have spent the day indoors with a bag of Doritos, Potato Chips and Cashews, of course washing it down with a couple “Diet Coke” to watch my calories…exercise in the winter? Yikes, that was for others! Funny, now this year, I am one of those “others”… thanks to H3 and some focus on nutrition, exercise and a healthier lifestyle. Thanks again for your help! This is a great site please keep those posts coming!


    From Trev Witt
    February 13, 2012

Friday Fitness: H3 Half

This Saturday, February 11th  is the Annual Hilton Head ½Marathon, 10K and 5K… and guess what?… H3 guests and staff will be there!

Therefore, this Friday’s Fitness Challenge is for you, H3 Alumni and H3 supporters, to support your H3 family. Whether you join us in running or walking a 5k (3.1 miles), 10k (6.2 miles), ½ marathon (13.1 miles) and or perhaps you just head to the gym to complete a treading workout– we challenge you to add some additional miles to your weekend regiment. Do this in energetic efforts to show your support for our runners and walkers tomorrow!

Please post your mileage below!… We want to know!!!

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