• Conceptually, this is a neat thing. I recently blogged about people using cell phones while working out. I prefer that time to be away from the distraction. I love the idea of combined metrics and functionality though. Might not work well in a triathlon though…a little damp for the phone.

    From Lyle Orr
    November 2, 2012

Friday Fitness: Breakthrough Technology

Say goodbye to the traditional wrist-mounted Heart Rate receiver. Behold, the Polar H7, a remarkable merger of Bluetooth wireless technology and your mobile device. Last month Polar unveiled their newest addition to a line of products that has set the standard for biometrics.

The Polar H7 is the first Heart Rate monitor to incorporate Bluetooth wireless technology that will integrate seamlessly with you mobile phone. The H7 costs only $80 and the Polar Beat App is FREE. The tandem is able to give you an instant look at your pace, heart rate, calories burned, heart rate zone, history, weekly summaries and it will even utilize your phones GPS to map your run. Whereas, other Apps can monitor your workout, this is the first that can also combine with your heart rate to give you an amazing look in to your exercise intensity.

I’m excited to give this new product a try!

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