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Friday Fitness – How do you Measure Up?

 A guest this week was frustrated that the scale was not moving like she had hoped and rightfully so, she’d been working her tail off.  So, we took her body circumference measurements and to her surprise she had lost many inches.  She had been wearing athletic clothing with elastic waistbands and was unable to sense the difference, but when she saw the results of all her hard work in terms of inches she had been reinvigorated. 

The good old fashion measuring tape is a wonderful addition to your bimonthly or monthly evaluation.  Watch the video below then read through the procedure for tips on how a buddy can help you take measurements like a pro.

Measuring Sites:
(Always measure the right side of the body)

Upper Arm
Measure ½ way between the elbow and shoulder, while arm is parallel to floor. Mark the spot with the tape and have them lower their arm to their side for the measurement.

Measure at breast level (across the nipples) – keeping the tape straight and parallel to the floor.

Measure at navel level – keeping the tape straight and parallel to the floor.

Measure at the maximum protrusion when standing with heels together – keep tape level parallel to the floor.

Measure one-inch below where the buttocks meets the thigh. Weight distributed evenly on both feet.

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