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For Chocolate Lovers

As many of you know, chocolate is my weakness. In honor of Valentine’s Day, the one day a year when I will allow myself to eat chocolate guiltfree, I’d like to re-visit a post from Amber Schadwick on the health benefits of chocolate. Remember to use moderation, not to deprive yourself and to stay focused on your goals. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today chocolate is used to satisfy a sweet tooth. However, recent research highlighting the health benefits of chocolate might just enlighten and persuade you to explore the world of chocolate a “bite” more!

Much of the recent research suggests that the consumption of chocolate, in moderation, may help prevent high blood pressure, improve heart health, and provide a bounty of antioxidants our bodies necessitate. But all chocolate is not created equal, and not all types of chocolate offer these health benefits.  So although your choice in chocolate bars can’t change the world, and they indefinitely should not replace other healthy food options, chocolate can be a healthy treat if you choose wisely.

The following is a cheat sheet for you to follow when “choc-ing it” up for your health!


Good for Your Health

Leave it on the Shelf

“70% Dark Chocolate”

“Milk chocolate”

Cocoa butter

Partially hydrogenated oil

Cocoa liquor

Natural or artificial color

Sugar or cane juice

Corn syrup


Milk, milk fat, or lactose

Cocoa powder

Dutch processed or Alkalized

Thick, tight wrapper

Thin wrapper or exposed to light

Glossy, dark or smooth texture

Blotchy, streaky or rough texture


Conventional (no distinction)


Reference: www.sparkpeople.com


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