• “mind vehicle.” ?? Interesting term. when I am stressed I go for a car ride and drive. No music, no phone, and I let my mind clear on an open road…strange, but it works

    From Dawn Cussins
    September 19, 2012

Find Your Mantra: Unleash Your Fearlessness

I recently came across an article entitled “How Meditation Makes You Fearless,” as I began to chew and digest the title, this thought occurred to me.

Perhaps, for some, the term meditation does inspire fearlessness; however, possibly for many the term “meditation” ironically stimulates “fear” itself. Fear of the unknown, fear in the conceptual idea of having to sit still, cross-legged on a floor pillow chanting “OM” 108 times. This thought inherently makes me silently chuckle as I have too have struggled with the question, what exactly is meditation?  Is there a “perfect” meditation practice? Should I meditate a certain way, and how exactly should it feel?  I, among many of you, have found myself anxious, lost, and overwhelmed with the idea of meditation.  How am I supposed to be able to automatically flip the switch and quiet my energetic “monkey mind” (aka. constant flood of thoughts, ideas, ‘to-do’s’, emotions that may be streaming through my mind at any given moment)?

Today I write this blog in quest to help you better understand meditation so that you too can embrace becoming un-constricted, more joyful, and more present. I aspire to help you unleash your inner fearlessness!

First and foremost, unlike food choices, there is no “right or wrong” way to meditate. Meditation can serve us through many different forms: walking meditations, primordial sound meditations, chanting/mantra meditations, guided meditations, breath work meditations, etc., etc., etc. It is important to keep an open mind, try various meditation practices and decide which outlet works best for you. As for myself, I find that mantra and or chanting meditation works best.  Therefore, today I happily guide you in a simple mantra meditation.

In Sanskirt the word “mantra” means “mind vehicle.” A mantra is simply a short phrase that has no distinct meaning, to help keep you mind free of thoughts. To begin, ask yourself “Who Am I?” Then re-phrase the question to, “I AM _______.” Focus on filling the blank in with something positive. It is important to shift the energy toward the positive, as we know that thinking positively only creates space for more positivity.

Next, focus your attention on your breath. On the inhalation, say the words “I AM” silently to yourself, and on the exhalation, say the—“blank”—word. Repeat this inhalation/exhalation mantra for a selected amount of time. Start simple. Maybe devote five minutes to this mantra, then begin to allocate more time as you become more comfortable. Remember, when and if you find your mind wandering, come back to your breath—come back to your mantra.                                                       

I hope this mantra meditation can be a vehicle for manifesting fearlessness within. May it will help you to become less intimated by “meditation”. May it will help you to become more reflective, less reactive, and more grateful for your beauty, your greatness, and your being right now in this moment!


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