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Enlighten Yourself: Don’t Fall Prey to Social Marketing

Don’t let the social marketing of healthy options at fast food chains fool you. What might sound like a healthier option may actually be worse.

Wendy’s goes gourmet as of yesterday. Yes, gourmet!  This marks the first re-design of their signature fries in 41 years. Wendy’s announced their new fry as “natural-cut fries with sea salt”.  With that being said, Wendy’s will become the first national chain to serve fries with the skin on and seasoned with sea salt.  It’s all a part of Wendy’s broader strategy to appeal to customers who want more natural food.  As many health conscious food coinsurers know, there is nothing natural about fast food french fries.  Others however, might deliberate on the terms “natural” and “sea-salt”. Both advocate a simplistically healthier option, right?  I am here to enlighten you, DO NOT be fooled!

The CDC, Centers for Disease Control, recommend that daily salt intake for young healthy individuals, at most, should be around 1 teaspoon, thus 2,300 milligrams of sodium. Wendy’s confirmed to NPR that the “new” medium sized fry amplifies from what used to be 350 milligrams (“old” fries) to 500 milligrams (“natural-cut fries with sea salt”). Therefore, these new “natural-cut fries with sea salt” aren’t as natural/healthful as their name concludes.

FYI: The chain has launched a Facebook campaign to promote the new fry. The page can be found under “Fry For All.”

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