• Thanks, Jeff. You seem to always have something worthwhile to say — and you say it so beautifully. You make me want to be that memorable person, Thanks.

    From Susan Oglesby
    September 24, 2012

Coaching Corner: What makes someone memorable?

With Devin’s Dash 2012 now in the books, I find myself asking the question, what makes someone memorable? Is it who they are? Is it what they do? Do “memorable” people all exhibit the same attributes and qualities?

Not everyone wants to be memorable. Many of us want to be tucked back within the crowd, but being memorable is something you should think about. Gregory “Devin” Sheaffer had nothing short of pure energy, but something tells me he also exhibited something much greater.
If you ask someone off the street this question, they may tell you that a “memorable” person is attractive or “memorable” people have good personalities, but I think it goes much deeper than that. I have met so many people in my life and profession; with that said, it seems the people who stand out the most are the ones that know WHO THEY ARE.

I feel like memorable people live by a self-imposed set of standards. No one has to tell them the right thing to do. They do it because they want to; for the fact that it’s the right move. These people live with NO EXPECTATION of a reward for their actions. As an example, Devin had a lot of this where he always treated people the same. I believe that memorable people are GENUINELY CONFIDENT. They have self-respect for who they are and every single person around them.

In my heart, I think everyone should strive to be memorable. I believe this is important because you never know how DEEP YOUR ROOTS RUN. How we effect people is within our control and making a difference in other’s lives whether you’re a teacher, investment banker or stay at home Mom is why we’re on this planet.

Memorable people leave their TRADEMARKS on others…what impact will you make?

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