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Coaching Corner: Sharing Success – Sally Foss Colocho

Sally Foss

Beginning at the close of January, I lead a mission to give our guests the best possible chance of success in their home environments through an organized Wellness Coaching Program. The post departure program that we always knew we needed, but never had! Since the inauguration of our @ Home Coaching program, I have witnessed nothing but many success stories. To say the least, it has been an extremely rewarding undertaking; keeping up with Guests and following them into their very own homes via the phone and worldwide web has been a blast. Translating intentions, re-creating an environment and commitment to sustain a healthy lifestyle is exactly what Sally Foss Colocho was able to do through her H3 Journey.

For this week’s Coaching Corner check out Sally’s thoughts on the program and how she reached her vision of her best healthiest SELF:

How has Wellness Coaching helped you continue to achieve your personal health goals?
The personal goals we set and monthly challenges really helped to integrate more of the program into my lifestyle and surroundings. There is a lot of material covered in two weeks at H3 and getting everything into place from day one would be difficult. Each goal and challenge was a reminder of a different aspect of health and fitness that I might have let slide or forgotten about, but instead it became a part of my everyday habits.

What successes can you attribute to Wellness Coaching and having continued at-home support?
The most easily measured one is that I have lost 25 pounds and am continuing to lose weight. The wellness coaching has kept me focused and provided a level of accountability that kept me on track.

Personally, what’s been the most beneficial/best part about wellness coaching?
Wellness coaching helped me to see the benefit of setting shorter term goals that were achievable. With only one long term goal, I easily could have gotten discouraged or gone off track.

How has Wellness Coaching changed your behaviors/lifestyle at home?
When I varied from my plan, we used the weekly session to brainstorm how I could change things to make sure they would go right the next week. This could be changing the time I set aside to do planning, leaving my journal in a different place on the weekend so I didn’t forget about it, or strategically placing water in my work environment. Left alone, I would have berated myself at each slip, but instead we turned that into an opportunity to design things to be easier.

To learn more about Sally and how she stays on track, you can visit her blog at http://www.sally4orth.blogspot.com/.

More to come on others who’ve completed the H3@Home journey …

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