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Coaching Corner: Sharing Success – Kappy Strahan

As a wellness coach, you tend to learn a lot about people. Above all, every single person is unique and distinct. For this week’s coaching corner, I would like to share with you the success of a young lady named Kappy Strahan—someone who is younger than ever at the age of 66.


In late January, Kappy’s journey began at Hilton Head Health and from there on she unlocked something inside of her that can never be taken away. If you asked her in January what she enjoyed most about exercise, Kappy wouldn’t have been able to give you a straight answer. During Kappy’s final days at H3, she attended a personal training session with Fitness Specialist Amber Shadwick; where she learned about Pose Running Technique, a safe and efficient way to run.  She wondered could I really start running at 66 years old?

The answer was YES of course. Beginning the H3 @ Home Program, Kappy started to incorporate run/walks into her morning routine and weekly goals. Kappy discovered she didn’t enjoy the gym … she had to be outside. Being able to feel the endorphins and remain as free as possible invigorates Kappy, and it’s grown to be more than just a sporadic exercise but is now a morning ritual. She began to slowly build from 2 days a week to 4 days a week—and from there, 1 block a day to 5 miles a day. She’s now regularly training, or in Kappy’s words, “enjoying [her] body’s posture and way of moving” by hitting a distance of at least 2 miles each morning, 5 times a week. As a result of her new passion, Kappy told me she had to have a yard sale one weekend for all the clothes that no longer fit.

What’s more enticing is the difference the people closest to Kappy see inside her.  Kappy’s whole perspective has changed and her positive love-for-life attitude is affecting others. As one of Kappy’s bold three month goals, she decided to pick a road race and finish it. This weekend Kappy will be running in the 33rd Memorial Day Boulder 10K with her daughters and family members. One of the largest 10K races in the country boasting over 50,000 runners, Kappy will begin her run at 9:10 am. Please wish her luck as her journey continues and as she crosses her first finish line. The truth is … Kappy has already crossed it!

Kappy Strahan2Please enjoy other thoughts from Kappy on her H3@Home Program Experience:

In what ways has the H3 @ Home Wellness Coaching program benefited you the most or most changed you? The before and after?

Before: I did no physical exercise. I was not sure I could carry through with any program. I hated gyms. I was self-conscious about trying to run on public roads or work out in the gym. I had zippo confidence in myself and my physical ability. I thought I was on the downhill slide to the far side of nowhere.

After: I am so confident! I know I can reach goals I set. I know how to keep it going and what to do if I fall back. There is no such thing as failure for me now.

How would you rate the motivation provided by your H3 @ Home Coach?

The BEST! I could feel Jeff’s enthusiasm for my work each week. I would hang up after our session and feel like I could burn up the Boulder roads. I needed to hear that each week. It was very important to me.

How has wellness coaching changed you in the following areas?


I look dang good! I’ve lost weight, but best of all I smile all the time.


After three months with Home Coaching, I am supper motivated to keep it going. Not ready to die anytime soon.


That is one of the best things about being fit; I have more energy now than when I was in my forties, raising three teenagers.

 Exercise Habits:

I actually want to wake up so I can get out there and run/walk. It’s like brushing my teeth. Gotta do it. I call it eating endorphins.

 Eating Habits:

I’ve always had good eating habits but now I have more knowledge about what to eat. Metabos are a new lifetime habit.

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