• AWESOME POST Linda! It is all so true. I am SO glad I am not on a diet anymore!

    From Lyle Orr
    January 1, 2012

  • Linda…your posting is so true! Last year on New Years Day, I was one of those who thought about a change, however, never did anything about it for four months. Until I finally took some action in April 2011 and talked with Michele Musulin from H3. She was so supportive and understanding! Those series of phone calls over the next two weeks changed my life. My wife, Karen and I made the H3 committment and it changed our lives. It is a long journey for those of us who have a lot of weight to lose, however, every journey begins with one step. I am so very thankful that we made that choice last year. For anyone sitting on the fence with indecision, I can only encourage you to take the H3 plunge. You will not regret it. It can change your life! It is not a diet, rather a lifestyle change that does work!
    Trev Witt

    From Trev Witt
    January 1, 2012

Coaching Corner – Resolution to Reality

At the stroke of midnight on December 31, over half of all Americans resolved to lose weight. While a few will succeed, statistics show that as many as 95 percent will be wearing the same pounds plus a few more this time next year. Why? Because they embark on a plan—usually a combination of diet and exercise—that is neither complete nor sustainable.

While good nutrition and regular exercise are obvious components, successful weight management is never just about the dinner table and the gym. It’s about the way we live—our actions and daily habits as they relate to work, play, stress, sleep, responsibilities, relationships and more.

Why diets fail and what to do instead
Many people are attracted to the promise of quick, easy weight loss through fad diets that restrict certain kinds of foods or prescribe specific food combinations. While you may lose weight initially on these diets, they’re not designed to be followed for a lifetime, nor are they healthy over the long term.

Most of us know what to eat. We’re not overweight because we lack information about healthy vs. unhealthy food. For a great majority of us, the problem lies in how much we eat and, more importantly, why. Everyone deals with food differently, and we overeat for different reasons. The first step toward change is to identify who or what leads you down that path.

Many people who struggle with their weight discover that overeating is a response to an emotion or feeling such as boredom, loneliness, sadness, frustration, exhaustion…or even joy and celebration. The good news is if you are using food to feed your feelings, that is simply behavior, and behavior can be changed.

How coaching can help
Achieving your weight-loss goal is a process that involves clarifying what you really want and why and then taking consistent actions to get there. Coaching provides the focus and structure to keep you on track. By exploring your motivators, strengths and available resources, your coach will help you find what works for you so that you can achieve your goals and live your healthiest and happiest life.

If you are one of those Americans who resolved to lose weight this year, why not make your resolution a reality? – Ditch the diet and discover a way of life!

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