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Coaching Corner: Pin It!

A new class that I teach here at Hilton Head Health is called Health Tech 101. It is an overview of different technologies that can help us live a healthy lifestyle. It includes a variety of technologies such as tracking gadgets, websites and applications for smart phones. I have had a lot of fun researching this class as there are so many cool things out there that can help us be successful in achieving our goals.

One of my new favorite websites is called Pinterest. It is essentially an online pinboard.  Pinterest allows you to save content that you find on the internet or from other people’s boards and add them into your categorized boards. So how can we utilize this in moving forward with our health and wellness goals? These boards can provide a unique visual opportunity to create images of what you want to achieve, why it is important and what we can do to get there. It provides the opportunity to save the things that are important to us and make up who we are.

So how do I begin pinning? First, check out our H3 Pinterest page. Here, you can get an idea of what you can do with your pin boards and start collecting some ideas. Second, get signed up. Pinterest requires you to request an invite or if you know someone who is a member, they can send you an invite. And then get creative!

Think of what your life purpose and vision are and find ways to express this on your boards. When we know what is important to us and what we want out of life, this gives us a clearer picture of the path we want to walk. It allows us to stay focused on what is important, gives us a direction for making decisions, and let go of those things that do not bring us closer to what we want or who we want to be.  This allows for a higher level of self-awareness and clarity.

Suggestions for board themes:

  • Life purpose and vision
  • My goals- you could break this down into long term and short term
  • Values- those things that are important to me and build up my character
  • Encouraging quotes
  • Motivation- things that motivate or inspire you into action
  • Healthy recipes
  • Fitness ideas

Have fun! This is a cool opportunity to explore new ideas. As you are finding new ideas, workouts, and recipes online, please be cautious before implementing anything new or extreme. Ask yourself “what would H3 think about this idea?” or contact us with your questions. We would love to be a resource for you as you are finding the best strategies for being successful in the home environment.

After creating your pinboards:

  • Review them at the beginning of your day. This is a great way to start a new day. Begin by looking over your vision and reconnecting with what it important to you. Then review your values and find one of your motivational quotes that stands out as a mantra for your day. Follow up by reviewing your goals and pick one thing you can do today to move your forward with a goal.
  • Write these things down and review throughout the day. Once the day begins it is easy to forget our resolutions for the day. Review your boards or notes during the day to stay focused on what you are working toward.
  • Keep going! Try new things and seek out new opportunities to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Try stepping out of your comfort zone. One of my favorite quotes that I found on Pinterest reads: “We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.”

Check out an example of one of Hilton Head Health’s Pins posted to Pinterest below:


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