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Coaching Corner: Own Your Deadlines

Most of us live our lives one deadline at a time. Maybe it starts with making breakfast or packing before work, get the kids to school, drive to work, lunch break, finish up work, attend an exercise class, pick up the kids, cook dinner and maybe just maybe have thirty minutes to yourself before bed. Have you ever felt like you get in this zone where you’re simply meeting deadlines?  How many of those deadlines do you truly own?

What I’ve found is that some weeks can get like this, where we get into what I like to call auto-pilot mode. This is where you just hang on for dear life hoping that you’re not going to crash and burn before Friday hits. Ring a bell? I am pretty sure we’ve all experienced a week of this nature.

What matters here is that we need to stay out of this mode as much as feasibly possible and prepare for the auto pilot week. When a week like the one described above hits, what’s your game plan? Do you hang on for dear life or have you prepared yourself to remain focused and put your health as a continued priority?  For me there are a few non-negotiable deadlines that I always seem to own. These deadlines include sleep, the evening salad (I’m a creature of habit) and obviously my workouts. 

Remember this: we make time for the things that are important to us … Own Your Deadlines.

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