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Coaching Corner – How to Get the Most out of your Coaching Sessions

Linda_Hopkins_wellness coachingBy undertaking the coaching process, you are committing to move forward in your life. The coaching relationship works best when you are prepared to get the most out of the sessions and the time in between.

Here are some tips:

Before your session

Prepare: Prior to your session, take time to review notes from your previous session and any communications from your coach. Think through your successes and identify areas in which you may need additional support. Give some thought to what would make the biggest difference to you, and write a list (or make a mental note) of the topics you want to address.

Set the stage: Allow a few minutes before your session to set up your environment for maximum success. Get away from your computer, cell phone, TV, iPod and every other electronic device. Tell everyone in your immediate vicinity that you cannot be disturbed during the coaching session. Make sure children, pets and others under your care have what they need so that you are not interrupted. Have a notebook or journal handy for taking notes.

Get focused: Coaching is an activity that requires examining complex emotions associated with change. Before the call, do whatever it takes to make yourself physically comfortable: Get a drink of water, grab a snack, go to the bathroom… Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind of everything but your vision and your goals.


During the call

Show respect: Treat your coaching sessions and coach with respect. Be punctual for calls and respectful of your coach’s time. Please disable or ignore call waiting and give your full attention to the coaching conversation. No multi-tasking!

Be open-minded: Be open and willing to try new approaches and strategies for living your best life. Coaches do not tell you what to do, but help you explore choices, options and your ideas. If your standard answer is, “I don’t know,” your coach may toss out some ideas for your consideration. But the choice is always yours. A coach’s suggestion is not a directive, and you are not required to like it or act upon it. You can hate it, use part of it, or come back with a different idea.

Between sessions

Be responsible: Coaching is a partnership, and you need to be responsible for your own actions.

Keep a journal. Write about achievements, obstacles, distractions and realizations.

Communicate: Coaches are human and imperfect, just like you. We want to provide you with the very best service and support possible. Please let your coach know immediately if you are unhappy about any aspect of the coaching relationship; on the other hand, be sure to tell your coach what’s working for you and what part of the coaching relationship you value most.

Take action: You will work with your coach during each session to create actions to complete for the next session. Completing the agreed upon actions may be challenging at times, but this is where success happens: between sessions, in YOUR life. 

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