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Brewing Evidence in Support of Tea for Better Health

The evidence that regular tea consumption might have health benefits has been “brewing” for many years. The  evidence has continued to mount to the point that recently Jeffery Bloomberg Ph.D., professor, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University and Senior Scientist and Director of the Antioxidant Laboratory, Jean Mayer USDA Human Research Center on Aging, commented that “if there is anything that can be confidently communicated to the public, it’s the ability of tea to be associated and demonstrated in the primary prevention of chronic disease.”

The latest research on the health benefits of tea were discussed at the Fifth International Scientific Symposium of Tea and Human Health in Washington D.C. on September 19, 2012.

The potential benefits of regular green tea consumption reported include reducing the risk of osteoporosis and moderate increase in resting metabolic rate, while black tea consumption was associated with blood pressure control and improved arterial function. Phytochemicals in both green and black tea can provide a probiotic effect potentially improving gastrointestinal health.

For those of you who currently enjoy black or  green tea on a regular basis, good for you, keep it up. If not, it may not be a bad idea to add a cup or two to your daily routine. It is best to have it plain, if not, limit the addition of sugar and milk to a bare minimum.

To hear Dr. Blumberg talk about some of the benefits reported at the symposium, watch the video below:

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