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A Reflection on Milestones


2011 has been a very special year for Hilton Head Health.  In business now for 35 years, we have an opportunity to reflect on our history and how much our program has grown.  For 30 of those 35 years, our very own Bob Wright has played an integral role in the development and delivery of our Healthy Lifestyle™ program.  He is synonymous with H3 and the information we provide on personal health.  Our owner, John Schmitz, has owned Hilton Head Health now for 15 years, playing an integral role in the physical development of our property and marketing plans to spread the word about our unique program and environment.  

As proud as we are of our history in this health and wellness industry, we also take great pride in the new strides we are making as leaders in the industry.  In a couple of months we will be celebrating the grand opening of our Culinary Arts Center (CAC)!  This state of the art cooking school will allow a unique learning environment for healthy cooking.  A combination of observation and hands-on classes will be offered, in addition to private lessons.  Learning to prepare healthy food with great flavor is an invaluable experience, and we are so excited to improve on our delivery of this portion of our healthy lifestyle program. 

2011 is also our first annual year for our H3 @ Home Coaching program.  Developed in an effort to provide consistent support to our Guests when they return home, this program has already reached out and helped so many people.  This milestone for us is only significant if we are also helping you reach your milestones!  As we acknowledge the milestones of H3, we’d encourage you to also think about what milestones you’ve achieved.  What successes have you experienced??  (Don’t be surprised if you see this topic come up again in the near future, wink wink!)

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