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A Leap Back To Four Years Ago

In honor of Leap Year, we thought it’d be fun to look back on all the changes Hilton Head Health has made in the past four years. We’ve listed the top 29 improvements over the last 4 fours and we’re not slowing down!

  1. New H3 Team Members—We’ve made so many great additions to our Team in the last four years—Click here to see all the newest members of the H3 Team!
  2. Culinary Arts Center—This state-of-the-art cooking school provides the ideal environment to help teach you how to cook delicious & nutritious meals.
  3. H3@Home Coaching—We now offer continued @Home support to hold you accountable and motivated upon returning home.
  4. H3 Extended & Intensive—For those interested in a long-term, structured weight loss program, we now offer a specialized Extended& Intensive program.
  5. H3 Direct—We’ve transferred the fundamental principles of our award-winning Healthy Lifestyle™ program to accommodate the corporate world with our new corporate wellness program. 
  6. NEW 3-day workshops—Our workshop offerings have expanded to now include Yoga Retreat, Personal Responsibility: Taking Charge of Your Health andCulinary & Fitness Adventure—just to name a few!
  7. HEAVY – A&E’s weight loss docudrama allowed us to share our program with the nation and gave us invaluable experience with twelve unforgettable individuals.
  8. H3DailyH3 Daily provides a variety (more than ever before!) of valuable resources AND is now more readily available to you.
  9. 3-day Getaway & Day Passes  – These new offerings now allow flexibility for check-in dates and lengths of stay (10-day stay being one of our most popular!).
  10. Facility Renovations & Improvements—Over the years, we’ve made several facility improvements, renovating the main and north entrance, lobby, Cove, Calibogue and locker rooms—not to mention, our NEW pool partnered with a Jacuzzi!
  11. Housing Upgrades—Phase One is complete in our housing upgrades. The cottages now feature flat screen televisions, uniform bedding and bathroom upgrades.
  12. Health Habit Review Sessions—Your initial meeting with one of our Health Specialists was once only 20 minutes, now it’s 45 minutes!!
  13. Woodway Treadmills – We’ve upgraded our treadmills to the finest in the fitness industry, used by professional athletes.
  14. H3 Garden—Thanks to Chef Jen & the other members of ourCulinary Team, we now grow our very own vegetables & herbs.
  15. Lecture topics—H3 prides itself in staying up-to-date on the latest health news, which is reflected in the wide array of topics covered in lectures and group discussions.
  16. Dining Wright—Put what you learn in Bob Wright’s popular Restaurant Games class into practice by joining him for an evening of healthy dining at a local sit-down restaurant.
  17. Devin’s Dash—In honor of Devin Schaeffer, a beloved H3 Team Member who lost his battle with cancer, we now host an annual fundraising 5K walk/run.
  18. More variety & frequency of fitness adventures – offered 4+ times a week vs. only once a week—Kayaking, Biking, Golf and more!
  19. Number of fitness class offerings and options—Fitness should be fun! Over the years, we’ve added several classes to our fitness schedule to make sure you are enjoying your experience.  Drums Alive, Water Zumba, Yoga In a Chair are just a few.
  20. Menu options—We’re always looking to improve our menu, incorporating local, seasonal produce.
  21. New logo—We now have an improved & updated look to our classic palm tree & no longer go by ‘The Institute.’
  22. Massage Services—We offer an even greater variety of spa options with great add-ons.
  23. Your Personal Concierge—We have assigned two staff members,Kelia Bennett & Kat Bremer, to personally ensure that your stay at H3 is an even more enjoyable experience and who are here to help you re-book future stays.
  24. Facebook—You can now Stay Connected with H3 Staff and Guests through the H3 Facebook page.
  25. Twitter—Through Twitter, you can stay up to date with the latest health news and articles, as well as the happening at H3.
  26. Pinterest – Pinterest allows you to easily share and store ideas on how to live a healthy lifestyle.
  27. 3-Day Getaways & Day Passes
  28. Community Outreach—H3 has made an even larger effort to give back to the community through its involvement with the local Heart Ball, Farmer’s Market visits, Relay for Life and other charitable events.
  29. Book Online—With the new online booking feature, you can easily book your next healthy retreat at H3 with the click of a button. The website is also more interactive featuring a chat function and a 360° photo tour.
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