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2012 Olympic Games: We’ve Already Won

The Olympic 2012 opening ceremony is just days away! This time of year the entire world is tuning in to cheer for their countryWOMEN in all sorts of challenging athletic competitions. Yes, that’s right. This year the games are all about women! The 2012 Olympic Games will mark the first time each participating country has a female representative on its team. Now that’s what I call progress :-)

Beginning in 1896, the Olympics were originally only open to male athletes; but as the times have changed, so have the Games. In 1996, twenty six teams did not include women and in the last Games, in 2008, only three:  Brunei, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This year, however, each country includes at least one female athlete and the United States is making even more history by sending more female competitors than male competitors!

Other interesting facts about this year’s Olympic Games: London was the first country to dazzle the world with a modern Olympic opening ceremony and this year it will be the first country to host the modern Olympic Games more than two times. 

Yes, I think we’ve come a long way since 1896 when male athletes greased themselves up and competed in the nude—yes, a very long way indeed. The costumes competitors wear now (varying formations of each country’s flag) are symbols of pride and reflect the importance of celebrating both past and future.

So as you tune-in for the opening ceremony this Friday, take a moment to think about your own past and future. Think about your heritage and how you can lift up your family and your country!

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