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10 Turkey Trotters: H3 Family Affair

By Jeff, H3 Program Intern

Another Thanksgiving gone and past, yet we were all thankful Turkey day began with a blast!! From H3, Ten turkey trotters set out on a mission and without a doubt represented how to have a little fitness fun before the feast. Not only did each and everyone finish, but every single guest or employee jogged part of the way. A few even completed the 10K race, which is no small feat – roughly 6.2 miles burning over 700 calories, man can’t beat that!


The 21st Annual Piggly Wiggly Turkey Trot has been run and power-walked by many in the past, however more than 1,300 runners crawled out of bed this year. The day articulated the mental aspect of health and fitness, amplifying the fact that it’s all about showing up and whatever anyone puts their minds to they can and will accomplish it.


For several, the 5K Trot was the first they had ever encountered and was an experience that will undoubtedly never be forgotten. It’s important to mention that participating in the race as an H3 family made everyone motivate one another and the drive to succeed was faster than ever. This was another link to the chain in creating lifestyle changes and will certainly provide inspiration for future improvements. Above all, we snapped some memorable shots and who could forget receiving the super sweet turkey trot long sleeve tees! Check out a couple of the H3 Trotters:

 Turkey Trot R

Some may think we weren’t with our families on this day, but I beg to differ. As past Guests have mentioned, Hilton Head Health’s atmosphere gives off that home away from home feeling, and you truly become apart of the H3 family within days of your stay. The dining hall was spectacularly set up, the feast was fantastically healthy, and the best part was sharing the day with the entire in-house H3 family. Who would have known we were away from home?


Anyhow, Thanksgiving at Hilton Head Health was to say the least a family affair and to prove it here are a few of our guest’s thankful thoughts:

  • “To be here today”
  • “For sunshine!”
  • “To be apart of the H3 Family”
  • “For my health”
  • “For H3 and all I’ve learned”
  • “For a week away to myself”
  • “For all the friends I’ve acquired over the years”
  • “For new found energy!”
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