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Your Magic Cape


Do you ever feel like you are wearing this magical cape that allows you to take on more responsibility than should be humanly possible?  You’re making dinner for the kids, finishing your 7th load of laundry, writing your grocery list, preparing a gift basket for your friend’s wedding, and when all that’s done, it’s bath time, bedtime, downtime with your wife or hubby and finally you have to prepare for the next day… whew!

Sometimes we demand more of ourselves than we should.  This can lead to functioning on overdrive, which eventually burns you out.  It can also lead to resentment for the mere feeling that no one cares about our overwhelming responsibility.  Just like we have to practice a sport, playing an instrument or learning a new language, we must also practice asking for help.  Why is that so hard for some of us?

  • Do you struggle with feeling it should be under your umbrella of responsibility? 
  • Do you feel it won’t get done “right” if you don’t do it yourself?
  • Do you underestimate the responsibilities on your shoulders and how much time they account for?
  • Do you do so much “doing” for others because that is the main way you show love?

Asking for what we want or need is a skill that takes practice.  You can start with something small, like asking for a glass of water.  That’s not an outrageous request, right?  When we struggle with this skill, we also tend to struggle with feeling guilty when we can’t take care of something (whether it is big or small). 

You’re goal today is to practice asking for something you need or want.  And then… don’t feel guilty about it.  Practice makes perfect… well, almost. :-)

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