• Awesome. I know I’ve been crabby for a week. Now I have a name for it. The mulley grubs. I definitely need to reboot. Belly dancing sounds cool.

    From Robin
    December 20, 2011

  • Mom, you have been cranky.

    From Gabrielle
    December 20, 2011

When It’s Time to Reboot

A couple of weeks ago I had the mulley-grubs (no, it’s not a strange skin condition or parasite). The mulley-grubs are more like a state — similar to being in a rut. I was cranky for absolutely no significant reason and everything seemed to take more time and effort.

Not one to dwell in the mulley-grubs, I quickly planned a girl’s weekend in Charleston with my best friend. We shopped, danced and laughed. Voila! No more mulley-grubs. It took just a 24-hour routine shake-up to “reboot” and shed the mulley-grubs.

It’s important to take notice of tiny ruts and sprinkle them with magic so they don’t become large ruts or a draining depression. It’s vital to change routines and spice up relationships so the mundane or everyday doesn’t transform into resentments and deprivation… that sense of missing out. It’s easy to slip into martyrdom where our happiness is on the other side of, “If only I had…If only I could…When this happens I’ll be happy.”

Possible cures for the mulley-grubs include an impromptu road-trip. Romance—booking a hotel room for you and your spouse and enjoying room-service (use the element of surprise by booking it at the last minute, in the middle of the work week). Also, try learning a new sport that’s completely out of your comfort zone. In fact, stepping out of your comfort zone is always a great way to challenge the mundane.

Being of service to others is another terrific way to break life’s monotony, as well as wake us from the martyrdom malaise. When we find ourselves helping others less fortunate than us, it quickly transforms that feeling of missing out into gratitude for what we already have.

Chances are that several of your friends are stuck in a rut as well. Get together and collectively decide on a new project, hobby or endeavor you can all do with excitement. Perhaps, it’s a fitness challenge— learning to belly dance or volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. Just make sure it’s something you look forward to and leaves you with a smile when you’re done.

Whatever strategy you use to reboot, make sure it’s health-enhancing. Destructive efforts to test the status quo will lead you further into unhealthy emotions and self-loathing. Always use the mulley-grubs as an opportunity to grow or connect.

What will you do today to reboot?

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