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The Mind Game

If you’ve visited Hilton Head Health in recent years, there’s a good chance that I was pregnant when you met me – our family started growing in 2008, and now, in 2012, I’m back from giving birth to my third little blessing – my son Jaden.  His two big sisters love him dearly and cannot wait for him to grow up so they can play together.  He is cooing and smiling, all the things we love that babies do.  He is a joy to cuddle with and has been my 24-7 side-kick for the past now 11 months. 

It’s easy to talk about the love of a new baby, but, of course as any of you fellow mother’s know, it can take quite a bit of positive self-talk to learn to love your post-partum body.  I mean seriously, does the baby have to destroy all of your abs??  All joking aside, it does take a lot of mental strength to build your confidence and motivation to keep working on your physical fitness and health.  That’s true for any type of set back – be it a baby, an injury, a stressful or emotional period – the battle of the mind is the one that must be conquered first.  If you’re finding yourself in a low right now when it comes to your health and fitness, here are some ideas that might help you win the mind game:

  1.  Find a source of accountability.  Whether it be a journal, a supportive friend, or even a coach, the accountability will help force you to look at your progress and keep pushing until you get some momentum going on this Change Train.
  2. Set a date.  A birthday, a vacation, a 5K… whatever it may be, find something that you will look forward to and give yourself a deadline.  This will help create priority for your goal.
  3. Think positive.  Make a list of all the reasons you can achieve your goals.  Write them down.  We are so good at telling ourselves why we can’t be successful… and then we’re not.  That mental part does take some effort, but it definitely helps with the physical.
  4. History is history.  Don’t dwell on poor decisions made in the past or what you did or didn’t do yesterday – just focus on what really matters.  What can you do right now?
  5. Just do it.  Just get started!  Often times if you make one healthy choice it leads to one more, even when it’s not planned!  Odds are you will get some positive kickback in one form or another!

 Today, I packed a healthy lunch and snacks for work.  What is one thing you did for your health today?

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