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Taking Charge of Your Health

Last week – Jessica Lynn wrote a really great post addressing the why’s of weight loss.  Because many of the H3 Daily readers are H3 alums – I wanted to share a new workshop that addresses that exact message.  If you have ever said ‘I know what to do, why can’t I just do it?’ – this workshop might be of interest to you!

This March, one of our favorite guest presenters Johanna Smith-Ellis will return to facilitate our newest workshop – Personal Responsibility: Taking Charge of Your Health.  Our attitudes, relationships, communication skills and time management all play a vital role in our health, while excuses and blame can lead to the very unhealthy behaviors we’re trying to eliminate. She will help you rediscover your priorities and design a plan from the inside out that will build the foundation for sustaining your health habits. Take charge of your health—you own it.

A few sample sessions include:

Personal Responsibility – Explore your unique personal history and how it influences your present concept of what it means to be responsible.

Finding the Right Attitude – How do our attitudes affect our emotions and behavior? Can we change how we act by changing the way we think? Identify your attitude errors.

A No-Nonsense Approach – Think of motivation and behavior change as the chicken and the egg—which comes first?  What motivates you?

Priorities to Practice – Identify your priorities and develop time management skills to accomplish what means most to you in your life.  Most importantly, learn how to put it into action.

If you want more information – you know how to reach us!

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