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Surprise and Delight

Baby Gianna

This past week, the newest member of our H3 family was born!  Gianna Heather Colella arrived Friday afternoon, 11/11/11, healthy and beautiful.  Saving the surprise for the moment of birth, Stacie and her husband discovered they’ve been blessed with a new baby girl!  They even saved the surprise for Stacie’s mom, letting her unwrap the baby at the hospital to find out she had her first Granddaughter.

Creating anticipations and surprises in our lives can be very healthy.  It can add excitement, expand our imagination, heighten senses and feelings, and even create motivation.  On the flip side, anticipations and surprises can sometimes also cause grief, stress, fear and roadblocks to progress.  For example, consider a “surprise” bill that comes in the mail, or an accident or the fear of anticipating the loss of a job. 

Creating goals, challenges and tackling obstacles toward positive change helps train us to handle negative challenges and barriers that present themselves.  Just as our bodies needs training, so does our minds.  The anticipation of a new baby or even your first 5K can really create some positive energy and motivation to prepare yourself for the change.  What are you anticipating or looking forward to in the coming months?  Years?  Use it to your advantage and build on that energy that naturally arises from thinking about that event!  We’d love to hear from you – what are you energized about??

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