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Mother’s Day Reflections

A special Mother’s Day post from Jessica Lynn, the proud mother of a beautiful newly born girl.

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful Mama’s out there!  On this day my thoughts are filled with wonderful memories I share with my Mother.  I reflect on the compassion, empathy, humor, support, advice and above all the unconditional love my mother has for me.  But in the past couple of years, my view of this special day now encompasses a whole new set of feelings, now that I am a mother of two little girls – Hala is two years old, and Jada just 6 weeks.  Now, I think about what kind of mother I want to be for my girls, and seek to ground myself on what’s most important.   I want to infuse a healthy lifestyle into my children’s up bringing.  Having fruit as a family snack, planning fun activities that are just that – active -, establishing effective communication skills… all these things are important to living an overall healthy life.  The more I think about what I want for my girls, the clearer it becomes that I have to want and do these things for myself as well – that is the best way to ensure my daughters a healthy life.  I have to remind myself that my habits and actions are very important in establishing healthy habits and actions in my children.

With everything that comes with being a mom, it can be hard not to lose your sense of self.  Children are so dependent on you for so many things, they become first priority.  And even when your children are grown, you never really outgrow the need for Mom.  It can be a real challenge to justify doing something for yourself every once in awhile.  Maybe that’s why this day was made – to give mothers the chance to be first priority for a change.  So Mothers, today, don’t be too humble, don’t think you don’t deserve it… be in the moment, open your heart and mind to what a huge impact you make on the lives of those around you, and soak it all in.  Because you deserve it.  Now take this moment of joy, pride, love… whatever you are feeling, and promise yourself that you will make yourself a priority more than just this one day this year.  I promise those around you will also be grateful.

Happy Mother’s Day, today and each day after!

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