• I can’t really ask you all to share, if I don’t share my answers! So here goes…

    I’m most thankful for… experiencing my daughter grow and learn new things, family vacations, new challenges at work, and the opportunities my family has had with a new baby on the way.
    Attributes of my home… I’m especially excited about my daughter’s new purple “big girl” room!
    I am most proud of my commitment to my family’s nutrition, and appreciate “anticipation” of what’s to come, as my source of energy for this past year. This Christmas, it’s most important to me to remember the root of what Christmas is all about – Jesus, and to remember all the gifts we’ve been given – family, friends, shelter, food, and beyond.
    Now I’ve shared my answers… I want to see yours!

    From Jessica Lynn
    December 28, 2010

Give Yourself the Gift of Reflection

Are You Ready??

This time of year, it’s easy to get swept into all the hustle and bustle.  We prepare our homes with beautiful Christmas decorations, bake new recipes for gifts or company, celebrate with holiday parties, brainstorm and shop or make gifts for our loved ones.  On top of all that, we prepare reports from this year’s business for annual review, develop budgets and goals for the year to come, and start all our planning for the New Year.  There are insurances to review, tax information to gather, and many tough decisions are made.  If kids are in the picture, they’re getting anxious for their winter break, and you’re making plans for activities or daycare so they are taken care of.  You may also be dealing with the challenges of travel – icy roads, busy airports, or even just figuring out how you’re going to get everything in the car.  Tonight might be the very last night for all your last minute tasks before the Christmas ball starts rolling without your control!

STOP!  Take a deep breath.

Allow yourself this moment to gather your thoughts, and reflect on what this holiday season means for you.  You deserve it, and you’ll enjoy your holiday 10 times more if you give yourself this one gift… here’s a few questions to help you get started.

  • What experiences, relationships, or memories from this past year are you most thankful for?
  • What attributes of your home give you a touch of comfort or joy right now?
  • What aspect of your health are you most proud of?
  • What source of energy do you appreciate for getting you through this year?
  • All things aside, what is most important for you to remember during this special season?  What does Christmas mean to you?

Now take another deep breath.  How do you feel?  I hope you’re feeling re-energized and that you’re saying “Christmas… New Year… bring it on!” 

Congratulations on giving yourself this moment of reflection.  Being ready in your heart and mind is much more important than getting everything else ready.  Now you can enjoy what’s most important to you this holiday season!  Every one of you will have different answers to the questions above.  If you’d like, take a moment to share the joy in your life with the rest of us.  It’s so amazing how much your joy can affect another!

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