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Get H3 Inspired: Patricia Andrade

Patricia Andrade

Every week here at H3, we have the privilege of being a part of a life changing experience.  Whether it’s someone finishing a 5K run, learning they love vegetables, or just realizing what’s really keeping them from achieving their weight loss goals – each accomplishment is one to celebrate. 

The camaraderie within the program speaks volumes on the importance of a support system when attempting to make changes in one’s lifestyle.  We are here to encourage you when you want get frustrated, angry and reach your breaking point.  We are here to motivate you when you just need an extra push to finish.  These stories are what keep us going – and we enjoy sharing them with you.

One of our most recent guests sent us this letter, which will hopefully inspire you as much as it did us. 


Patricia’s Story

My stay at H3 was an incredible experience. You have an amazing program and great team. I have learned so much from you guys that I will be very happy if I can bring a little of it to my everyday life. I have been to many places like this but all of them were so obsessed about the numbers on the scale that I would always leave feeling like the worst person in the world for not losing 10 lbs per week. For the first time, I am actually leaving feeling very proud of myself, and I can actually see how I can incorporate what I have learned. Even though I am only 22, I have been fighting weight for 10 years now and the main lesson I will take home with me is that “weight follows behavior.” I couldn’t phrase that better! For the first time, my goal is to change my behavior and not the scale. I guess what I am trying to say is thank you for guiding me and preparing me for this journey that is only beginning.

When I first got here, I decided that I would choose my favorite instructor so I could say good things about them in this letter but this is just impossible. Your team is filled with great people and it would be unfair to say names!

Thank you Hilton Head Health team for my wonderful 3-week stay!


If you have a story you would like to share, email us!  We will feature you in our blog or in the next e-newsletter. 

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