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Get H3 Inspired: Andy Fowler

Get H3 Inpsired - Andy FowlerIt was April 15, 2010. I knew I had been gaining weight, but when I stepped on the scale, I was just under 275 pounds – AGAIN! For a 6 foot man who is too close to 60 years old, that is not good! I was not just disappointed, I was devastated! My whole life has been a series of diets – you name it, I’ve tried it. I’ve successfully lost weight, but I have never successfully kept it off. It was time to take some major action!

I got on the Internet and started to search for what I will affectionately refer to as a “Fat Camp” for adults (admit it; you’ve thought the same thing!). I went through several “advertisements,” but there was something different about Hilton Head Health. Not sure what it was, but maybe it was the concept that I needed to make a lifestyle change and concentrate on the healthy aspects of weight control. Maybe – but maybe it was also the fact that it was one of the more reasonably priced programs, and I could drive there from Memphis! Whatever the reason, I now categorize this as the second best decision of my life (asking my wife to marry me will always be the best!).

I booked an all-inclusive two week stay there.  What do you get for that? Well, the easiest and simplest thing is this—you stay in a very nice condo on Hilton Head Island (that alone would cost at least $200 plus a night!); you get three outstanding (yes OUTSTANDING) meals a day prepared by professional chefs –not just “cooks,” and snacks that you will learn to refer to as “metabo-meals.”  That’s not all – you also get amazing classroom instruction by remarkably informative experts in the fields of nutrition, exercise physiology, etc., as well as a bevy of exercise classroom opportunities with professional, board-certified personal trainers from all over the place! I have always been intimidated by the Pilates, yoga, aerobic, Tai Chi, etc. classes they have in the gym at home. All of the participants there know what the language is, and what the next “move” is going to be. I felt like I would be totally out of step to join. Well, at Hilton Head Health, you will get to try those and several more! That alone was rewarding!

I learned what my resting metabolism rate is; I had a fitness assessment; I learned how to monitor my caloric intake and see the difference between what I burn versus what I ingest. I learned healthier food choices, and I learned that there are no “BAD” foods, as long as you use common sense and exercise moderation. I learned way too much to explain it all here!  Here’s the bottom line – I can tell you what it is like to jump in a pool and swim, but until you actually do it, you will never really know.

Oh yeah – so where am I at now – 5 months later? Great question – I started at 273 pounds. I was stretching out of a size 44 pant – had to buy a couple for 46’s to wear for work. I grew into an 18” collar shirt. Today – beginning of October 2010? I weigh 226 lbs. I have lost almost 50 lbs – but, when I had a body composition analysis done, I found out that I have also gained 28 pounds of muscle – so that’s about 75 pounds of fat –GONE! I went out to the store last night and decided I needed some jeans for the upcoming winter months (yes, it can get a bit chilly in Memphis, TN) – they are a size 36! I am stoked!!  My advice? JUMP IN THE POOL! Sign up today!

Andy Fowler

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