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Do Less

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During my stress eating class this week, we talked about the importance of saying “No!” to protect your time and energy.  Several people said they want to say “no” more often but have a hard time doing so.  As a group, we practiced shouting the word “No.” The experience felt so good and was so empowering that we repeated the practice at the end of class.

Do you do most things because someone else has asked you to do them?  If so, saying no more often will increase your emotional energy.  Say no to social engagements that don’t appeal to you.  No to your boss (sometimes).  No to your friend.  No to a child. 

With the time and energy you save by saying no, do something you want to do.  You deserve it!

What is something that you plan to make time for?  Take time this weekend for a special shopping trip, manicure or pedicure, or even quiet time to read your favorite book!

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