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Declaring My Mission

January is coming to a close and I hate to ask, but did you fall victim to the Resolution Blues? Are you finding yourself slipping away from your goals early in the game? It may be time to refocus your energy.

If you haven’t already created a Vision Board for the year, I suggest you do so. Click here for step-by-step instructions on H3Daily.

Another exercise I would recommend is creating a personal mission statement. As part of our corporate wellness program, we encourage each participant to write a mission statement focusing on why they’ve set the goals they have for themselves—instead of focusing on the outcome. Mission Statements give meaning to your daily routine. They provide clarity and purpose.

Use these steps to create your mission statement:

  1. Block off about 20 minutes and find a quiet place where you can work on your mission statement.
  2. Grab a pen and paper and start by answering a few questions about yourself.
    a. What are my values?
    b. What characteristics do I like most about myself?
    c. What accomplishments am I proud of?
    d. Under what conditions am I most likely to succeed?
    e. What goals would I like to accomplish?
  3. Now, use this information to create your personal mission statement. Incorporate the things that are most important to you and influence your behavior.
  4. Post your mission statement somewhere in plain view for you to read each day. In the morning, establish a purpose of intent for the day. Ask, “how will I strive to meet my mission for the day?” In the afternoons, reflect on the day.

Here’s a great tool for developing your personal mission statement online. Feel free to share in the comments section of this post.

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