• Thanks so much for this, Jessica! I am a notorious procrastinator and I always pull a Charlie Brown and say “I do my best work under pressure,” which simply isn’t true. I need to make better use of my time, so that I’m feeling more confident as my deadline approaches. This will set me up for more success!

    From Stacia Kingston
    September 27, 2011

Deadlines – Good or Bad?


What deadlines are you facing right now?  How do you feel about them?  I’m not sure which kind is worse – the deadline that sneaks up on you and you miss it before even realizing it, or the one that you dread for weeks on end, still procrastinating that dreadful task.  Deadlines can certainly cause extreme stress at times, but sometimes you may find them extremely helpful.

Deadlines are set to help you establish priorities.  They help you protect your own time by refraining from working too long on a project, and they help you respect others’ time as well by completing your task so the next person can get their job done.  They also help you adapt and respond to change. 

Here are some other benefits of setting deadlines:

  1. Provides a framework for setting a schedule.
  2. Improves your work ethic
  3. Prevents procrastination
  4. Moves you closer towards your goals
  5. Provides a sense of accomplishment after meeting a deadline
  6. May prevent you from overloading your schedule

Moving into the final quarter of 2011, what are your deadlines?  Personal deadlines?  Business deadlines?  Focus on making these goals realistic so that you finish the year on top, rather than moving into 2012 with “unfinished business”.  Taking some time now to prioritize and delegate will help save you in the end, when the holidays also consume your thoughts, time and energy.  Sharing your deadline with others can also help you stay committed to your goal.  Would you like to share yours with us?

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