Craving Control

See a list of ways to manage your cravings below. Remember, you don’t have to give up certain foods, just make sure you enjoy them in moderation!

Strategies to Manage Cravings

  • Recognize that cravings are suggestions to eat, not commands to overindulge
  • Label your desire to eat as a craving
  • Take charge. Figure out what’s causing your craving and take action.

Download the Cravings Record and record each craving. You will be able to recognize a pattern and take steps to reduce the triggers.

  • Imagine the aftermath of giving in to your craving
  • Eat regular meals and snacks throughout the day so you don’t get too hungry
  • Drink water or a low-calorie beverage when you experience a craving
  • Avoid deprivation
  • Don’t label foods as “bad,” “illegal,” or “forbidden”
  • Eat the foods you crave with regular infrequency
  • Choose lower-calorie, lower-fat versions of the food you crave
  • Choose whole grains, beans, fruit, and/or veggies instead of refined carbohydrates 
  • If you decide to eat, measure a portion, eat it slowly, and enjoy every bite 
  • Nurture yourself
  • Exercise regularly

If you feel that you need extra help managing your cravings, we have a workshop that’s perfect for you! Overcoming Emotional Eating is a three-day workshop led by H3 Wellness Counselor Johanna Smith-Ellis. Over the course of the workshop, she will give you the tools and support needed to regain control of your eating. You will have the opportunity to explore the many ways your emotions and everyday stressors can affect your relationship with food and learn a variety of mindful techniques that are key to overcoming these self-sabotaging eating patterns.

If you find that others just don’t understand your challenges with food, you may be interested in attending the Food  Addiction Recovery (FAR) three-day workshop led by H3 Director of Behavioral Health, Lisette Volz, MSW, LMSW. FAR is designed to help you understand what food addiction is and how to reconnect with food, all while in an comfortable environment.

For more information on either of the workshops above, please contact us.


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