• Is the negative related to your old mix CDs? HAHAHA!!! I guess as long as PUMP IT is in the mix, it is still a positive! (LOUDER)

    From Lyle Orr
    July 24, 2011

  • Totally agree with your #1 – Immensely thankful that You and H3@HOME have helped me change my life.

    From DEBBIE
    July 27, 2011

Coaching Corner: Produce the Positives

Wellness CoachingA majority of the time we don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we’re actually accomplishing. Raise your right hand if you ARE your toughest critic. My hand’s up. For many successful people, this is all too of a familiar story. We look at the negatives before realizing the positives. We look at what we didn’t do versus what we did. Sometimes it only takes one negative to overshadow all our positives. The fact of the matter is that each of us is doing many things and we have much to be grateful for. Optimism radiates positivity, awareness of strengths, and positive perspectives create a stomping ground for everything else to follow and for success to become imminent.

What has been the most positive part of your week? Did you land a new account? Exercise four out of five days at six in the morning? Whatever you did, fight through the fog and find it; it’s there. Give yourself credit. Let us take this mindset one step deeper.

In coaching, we work on developing weekly goals and at the end spectrum these goals produce the positives. Today, I challenge you to look back and produce the positives in your life. At the end of ten positive productions in your life, write down the one negative overshadowing you right now. How much better can you see now?

(Check out my personal example below and reproduce your own. I like to go in descending order leading all the way down to the biggest current positives so it’s nice and close enough to stack any negative. The negative is usually hard to come up with when you get there.)

10. Renting an awesome affordable beach house on Hilton Head Island

9. Have the opportunity to meet new, motivated, and inspiring people every Monday morning

8. In a healthy mindset, can afford healthy food and equipment to supplement my training passion

7. Fortunate enough to have been born with an athletic talent (Can’t always choose our VO2 Max)

6. All my five senses and limbs are working in full capacity

5. Run over 50 races in front of family, friends, and Hilton Head Health Guests and still can to this day

4. Blessed with a passion to inspire others and lead by example

3. Will be seeing my family and participating in my first ½ Ironman in 3 weeks (Very current positive)

2. Have people who support me: incredible friends, coworkers, and family

1. Have the opportunity to change lives every single day … My job isn’t a job at all

Unfortunately, I got to the bottom of the exercise and my negative got demolished. Go ahead and produce your positives… by the end, see if you are even able to come up with a negative.

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