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Coaching Corner: Don’t Let Time Pass You By

Yesterday I walked into the grocery store at the south end of Hilton Head and the place was packed!! I had to stalk people leaving the store trying to find a place to park. Spring break has officially hit the island! As I was checking out I wished the clerk “good luck” with the rush of people. She replied “I actually do not mind being busy, it makes the day of faster.” That is a phrase that I have used before (not at H3 of course!) but this was the first time that I stopped and thought about what that meant. Why do we want the day to go by fast? Do we just want to get it over with? Is that how we want to live our lives…watching the clock and waiting for the time to pass?

There are some jobs or tasks that are not as exciting as we would like them to be. There are workouts that seem to last forever…but do we really want to wish our time away? I keep a sand hourglass on my desk at home to remind myself that time in not round as a clock face would suggest. Time is passing, just like those grains of sand, and we cannot get it back or get more of it.

There are times at the end of the week when I look back on the week and feel like a bull running through a china shop. When I am busy, I put my head down and push on. It is time that we start looking up and embrace each passing moment. Yes, we may not love the task at hand, but what can we do to bring life to this moment. How can I contribute and benefit the lives of others during my time? What can I notice that makes me smile and opens me up to the richness and depth of life? Whose day can I make? Giving away a thought, a smile, or a kind word can have a huge impact on another person’s day and make your time, no matter how monotonous it maybe, worthwhile.

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