• Hey Adam ,
    I’m not (yet) part of the H3 at home program….but Elise ( my wife of 48 years) and I are in the midst of moving and are “downsizing” from a home of 3800 square feet and a 3 car barn to 1300 square feet and a 1 car garage in a “Lifecare” community. The amount of stuff we have chosen to do without is staggering, and passing it on to local organizations for their ” flea market” fundraisers feels just great.

    From Woody
    May 21, 2012

Coaching Corner: Clearing House – What makes you RARE?

This month our H3@Home members are working on a month long Coaches’ Challenge that involves letting go of two things each week that may be impeding progress within their lives. We’ve encouraged removal of things such as household clutter, toxic relationships, stress and other negative habits, perspectives and attitudes. What’s important to note here is that we aren’t focusing on creating a tangible healthy habit, but it’s more about taking things out of our lives so that these healthy habits become possible.

Many of us get in this thinking of more is better and we’re all guilty of trying to add, add, add to the routine. News flash: more typically isn’t better. The issue here is that a lot of the time the only way to actually move forward lies in the removal of something holding us back and our assertiveness to do so.

From a personal standpoint, I’ve been in spots where I’ve tried to bite off more than I can chew. I’ve said yes when the clear cut answer should have been no. I’ve been in a relationship where the benefit wasn’t mutual. I’ve taken on more than is capable within a given timeframe and even gone so far to put others before my own well-being. We’ve all been there right? Those of us who can recognize when these times or symptoms come about are what separate individuals in control of their wellness from the out-of-control person.

Personal responsibility and the awareness to recognize the things we can and can’t control are critical to ultimate well-being. This world continues to get busier and busier. Cell phones, iPADs the instant gratification and sensory material, plus the responsibilities we have around us can be overwhelming. Do you think your life would be different if you never had kids? What would you notice about your day if you weren’t able to text message or check email? I’m not saying don’t pick up your kids from school or text message, but what I am saying is weigh the pros and cons of the “RARE” things within your life. This is how I define what’s RARE:

1)      Responsibilities

-What things would you continue doing even if it killed you? (In a good way) Think about the responsibilities within your life that you feel good about. The ones that benefit you and your family’s well-being.

2)      Assets

-What possessions do you own that allow you to live your life? What necessities? Anything else that doesn’t impact your happiness directly should be removed. Clutter is no good.

3)      Relationships

– Who are the people that make you smile? Who is it that you can rely on at any given moment? Brainstorm the relationships that are mutually beneficial. To simplify it, the relationships that make you a better a person.

4)      Emotions

– What thoughts and feelings allow you to thrive? What emotions do you call on during the toughest of days? Any emotions that impact you negatively, time to remove.

Given the above, what do you need to clear house of? What makes you RARE?

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