• Great post and video Jeff. Thank you for sharing!!!

    From Maddie
    July 22, 2012

  • Welcome Maddie! Hope it was impactful with your goals 🙂 Appreciate your feedback! Jeff

    From Jeff
    July 23, 2012

Coaching Corner: 8 questions that will lead you to success

Being a Wellness Coach, I like to stay up with the times. I feel like it is my duty to constantly look for new and ways to ask my clients intuitive questions in hopes that they’ll take a different perspective on their lifestyle goals. Each week I am not only encouraging progress, but looking for new innovative ways to push my clients close to their goals. This week, I came across a recent Ted Talk on the “Secrets to Success,” by Richard St. John and bam! I knew I had uncovered excellent perspective to share in future coaching calls.

So here’s your Sunday Challenge. Watch the 3 ½ minute video below and after you’ve unveiled the secrets of success, ask yourself these 8 questions in the direction of 1 LIFESTYLE GOAL you’re currently working on.  This exercise will help you discover if you’re really doing everything you can to be successful!

1)      Passion – what drives you to meet this current lifestyle goal?

2)      Work – how much fun are you having working toward this goal? In what ways?

3)      Good – how are you practicing to achieve this goal?

4)      Focus – what are your top two focuses in regard to this goal?

5)      Push – are you making excuses or pushing closer to your goal?

6)      Serve – how will hitting this goal add value to your life?

7)      Ideas – what ideas can you come up with right now that will move you closer?

8)      Persist – how are you going to move thru your biggest challenge?

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