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Big Or Small

Every day we are faced with making decisions.  What will I have for dinner?  Should I get up to exercise in the morning or try and fit it in after work?  What preschool should I send my children to?  Am I saving enough for retirement?  Should I get that preventive diagnostic test – what if they find something wrong with me?  Whether it is a financial commitment, a change in your career, committing to the love of your life, or simply an apple or a Snicker’s bar at snack time…we are constantly facing the need to make a decision about something.

Sometimes this seems overwhelming.  I know I drive my friends and family crazy with the dreaded “what do you want for dinner?” question.  Unless I’m truly craving something, I have a hard time being the one to make the decision because I don’t want to pick something the other person doesn’t really want.  You can imagine if I have trouble with this small question, the anxiety some of the larger decisions cause! 

That’s why I like to ask myself this one simple question – “Is it Big or Small?”  I think it really helps me in two ways: 1) if the answer is small, then it reminds me there is no real harm in making the decision and moving forward either way, and 2) if the answer is big, I work to bring my mind out of the emotion of the decision and try to get a clearer view of the facts, weigh the pros and cons, and make the decision from that mindset rather than the emotional scrambled thoughts that tend to rise so naturally.

So whatever decision you are facing today, just ask yourself, is it Big or Small?  Then go from there… and go with passion, confidence and energy… because if you don’t, you truly will not be able to tell if you made the right decision or not because your heart’s not in it.  Wishing you all the best in your Big and Small decisions!

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