Attitude of Gratitude

Last night I read a chapter in Victoria Moran’s book, Fit from Within, called “Develop an Attitude for Gratitude.” She suggested writing down 10 things that you are grateful for every morning as gratitude leads to happiness and pleasant sensations. Without gratitude, it is easy to fall into a self-pity trap that can lead to, well for many people, reaching for food.

Well here goes!


1) For my loving family for supporting me, always.

 2) For my strong and healthy body. It can do so much more than I give it credit for. Why do I spend time fretting over certain parts of my body when I can marvel at its incredible ability to keep my heart pumping and blood flowing, while fighting off diseases!

3) For Maggie (my fellow intern) for letting me ride her bike to the beach to write this all down…and for being an amazing friend!

4) For the opportunity to spend a summer living on Hilton Head Island.

5) For my education.

6) That I have food to eat every day of my life.

7) For my wonderful friends that listen and genuinely care.

8 ) That I love to eat veggies because so many picky eaters are missing out on some good stuff!

9) For electricity and running water. We never seem to be grateful for it until the lights go out or we’re in the wilderness needing to go!

10) That it’s FRIDAY!!

Not gonna lie, I felt the happiness and pleasant sensations while writing this all down at the beach last night….the location helped :)

This was my favorite part from the chapter: Eventually you may even be grateful for having had a weight problem, because in finding your way out of it, you grew in compassion and learned to trust.

What are YOU grateful for today?

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