• “Follow your bliss”
    Jos. Campbell

    From Woody
    May 22, 2012

Are you sabotaging your happiness?

Happy Tuesday H3 blog enthusiasts! Today I came across this quote and couldn’t help myself… I had to share. I believe the quote itself speaks to the majority. The profound message speaks volumes in its simplicity. Overall happiness, as you and I both know, plays a huge role in our wellness journey. Seemingly, if we are intrinsically happy, we are more likely to engage in smarter, healthier activities. The smarter the choices, the kinder, and more compassionate energy we feed our bodies and minds. So why do we, more often then not, tend to struggle with this tiny little thing called “happiness”?

I can relate the struggle to something more ordinary. Perhaps it’s the little birdie that sits on your shoulder encouraging you to sleep in a little longer, to not get up and go to the gym as planned. Or maybe the birdie that tells you it is okay to devour that enormous cupcake as you are celebrating a milestone, a birthday, anniversary, or maybe just the sun coming out on a rainy day. Hmm…sound familiar? We can always talk ourselves into excuses as to why we cannot do or stick to some sort of healthful regiment. Why not talk ourselves into being happy? Why is it so difficult to shift the focus on happiness? Is it really that challenging to eliminate expectations and find positive in the negative? Yet again, if we are happy we tend to be feeding our body and minds with happy, healthy things. So, why not make gratitude your new attitude and embrace the changes it makes on your health? This Tuesday, I challenge you to start a gratitude journal. Start simple. Write one thing you are grateful for- or one negative thought redecorated into a positive.

 If your intentions are to seek greatness, then thou shall find greatness. Follow your yearning. It is then that you may find yourself shaping a life that is in sync with your soul intentions- a life filled with much happiness and health.

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